Pyjamia creates own branded pyjamas, homewear for women, men, kids as well as for baby. Always offering above all the best quality specially designed for your comfort. Pyjamia designs for you from Barcelona.

Cool designs

In summary, you will find from classic colourful striped designs to more casual themed creations. Always certainly following the latest trends throughout our range of homewear.

Beacuse we strongly bet on the coordinated sets man-woman in our sleepwear as well as nightwear collection. Finally not to mention that you will be able hence to surprise your couple with a fantastic garment. Warm Pjs for Kids and babys coming soon!

Stylish patterns

How many times have you bought a pyjama set that despite its high price you just did not like it at all?

That Men or women’s pyjamas with a somewhat old-fashioned pattern, not breathable, hence poorly finished, etc…As a result, Pyjamia wants certainly you to feel cosy while dressing your pyjamas, nightgowns or slippers.

Thanks to its stylized patterns you will feel consequently as elegant as wearing your outerwear clothes.


All our homewear and sleepwear for men, women, children and newborn are made of breathable as well as comfortable fabrics. Therefore, this allows you to rest as you deserve. Our quality department has improved as much as possible the proper grammage used in each garment so that you enjoy sleeping. Kids and Baby pajamas have been above all developed with great rigor.

Our own branded garments have the OEKO-TEX quality assurance seal in order to ensure excellence in textile materials of women’s & men’s pyjamas. As a result, this guarantees sustainable production standards at environmental level.


Every design, every pattern, every print and hence every mens-womens nightwear collection and accessories (slippers, etc) is made with love. Thus, we want you to see our designs and immediately think: “Waw! Amazing, I’ll take it!”

Social media

Many influencers and  also lovers of our brand continuously share our collections and events in various social networks. Accordingly, this makes it easier for people to certainly know us. Now everyday more people dress cool at home! Not only men and women but also children and baby boys/ girls!

International Vocation

The motivation to dress trendily and elegant is coming to many homes as well as all around the world thanks to Pyjamia. Given the online vocation of the company its scope is of course, global. Moreover, our logistic partners definitely provide the best possible shipping and transportation service.

Good vibe and unique atmosphere

Since Pyjamia really bets on companionship, on doing things with love and above all creating good jobs. In addition, we trust committed people and hence we truly support the reconciliation of family life.

Why Pyjamia?

In Pyjamia you will find pyjamas for men or women, sleepwear and nightwear of our own brand, designed and manufactured with love from Spain.

Are you looking for pyjamas that make you feel chic and in fashion? You are definitelly in right place, here you will find a great diversity of tones, from classic designs to more themed to feel handsome and elegant at home. We consequently always guarantee the best value for money; It is over finally spending a lot of money in a garment that does not convince you.

Tired of sweating in bed in summer or freezing in winter? The pyjamas fabric of Pyjamia is specially designed to regulate your body temperature as well as optimize your well-being.
Therefore, no more sleeping in pajamas that do not allow you to move comfortably or look for the ideal position while sleeping. From now on you will enjoy an experience of comfort and freedom.

Moreover with the hectic pace of life and current stress that we suffer, it is important to make getting home a welcoming and relaxing experience; Our homewear will help you get disconnected from your day. In this way, undressing and putting on a Pyjamia sleepwear garment is hence synonymous with wellbeing. With our men’s and women’s pyjamas you will thus maximize your hours of sleep and enjoy a relaxing experience. The Pyjamia garments have OEKO-TEX’s proven quality assurance seal which hence guarantees that all the control criteria demanded by the EU in terms of materials used and environmental production standards are met. Additionally, you’ll find pyjama sets for women and men or separate t-shirts and pants. Some designs can be combined and coordinated with your couple’s nightwear. What do you wait for to find the set of your dreams?